This Jesus Freed Me

This Jesus Freed Me

by Jessica Rose Thorberg

"Free at last, Free at last,
Thank God almighty we are free at last." ( Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)
Free to dream, free to dare,
Free to love, free to share,
Free- no bars,

Free- no chains,
Freed by my King’s

All loving, most forgiving, supreme reign.
Free- Restored,

Free- Adored,
Undying, unbroken life chord.
It’s Jesus,

 who gave his life to save,

To reach down,

And reach in,

And rescue my life from the grave.

Jessica Thorberg is a seeker of the heart of Jesus. She loves to explore his word, especially the Psalms, Prophets, and Gospels. She and her husband, Kyle, have three God-given leaders- all boys, who are learning how every facet of life can be lived for their creator and Lord. She seeks to bring glory to God through her camera lens, the fine arts, writing, and communicating the word of God with her favorite Bible study ladies at West Hills Church and the Metro Women’s Faith Network.

Two of her current projects include a storytelling piece to take a stand against human trafficking, and the completion of a large mural for a center that serves individuals with disabilities. Jessica has worked as a group facilitator for people with mental illness, which helped prepare her to serve people in a variety of life struggles. She sees the amazing gifts that God has bestowed in others, listens for his leading in her life, and anticipates how God will move in our communities to his glory. If you want to see more of her work, visit her portfolio at Eliah Storybooks & Art


Happy Easter from all of us at Wholly Loved! May  you reflect on and rest in God's deep and unchanging love for you, and may He teach you how to, daily, live in the freedom He offers.