Living Love’s Freedom

“Emptiness and anxiety can only be overcome through the power of love, which enables us to live with freedom and courage.”
~ Gordon T. Smith, Courage and Calling

My heart felt as if it were being shredded.

It’d been a tough week, one where conflict was triggering some very deep hurts from my past, hurts I’d been able to bury and forget about most days—but that were holding me back from becoming who God had created me to be.

So what did God do? He allowed me to land smack-dab in a pressure cooker, and man did it hurt. There’s a saying my life verifies: If you fill a sponge with dirty water and squeeze it, dirty water will come out.

When we think of “dirty” water, our thoughts probably jump straight to sin, though that’s not the filth I’m speaking of here. I’m talking about all that gunk we soak up throughout our lives. Gunk that, though we fight against it, begins to color our thinking and wound our hearts.

Gunk like:

“I’m disposable.”

“A failure.”



Every put-down and reinforcing experience we encounter from birth to death slings mud at our hearts and distorts the truth of who we are. Without God’s intervention, we’ll end our days wallowing in misery and insignificance.

God loves us too much to leave us in pain and distorted thinking, so bit by bit, he stirs things up, causing the goo that’s settled to the deepest recesses of our heart to rise to the surface. Then He allows life to apply the pressure, squeezing that dirty water out.

And He does so in love.

But when we’re going through the upheaval, it can be hard to view things that way. We can get so stuck in the pain and chaos, it becomes all we see. When that happens, God has to intervene.

That’s what He did to me that night, through my husband.

I was lying in bed, sobbing. Broken. Feeling every ounce of abandonment and rejection I’d felt as a teen. Only more intense this time, because my emotions weren’t suppressed by thoughts of survival. My husband, who was lying next to me, rolled over on top of me, completely encompassing me, holding me as tightly as possible without suffocating me.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” he said. Again and again and again.

And in that moment, a thought flashed: That’s Jesus.

Jesus was loving me through my husband, telling my heart exactly what it needed to heal.

Because that’s what Christ does. John 8:36 (NLT) says, “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”

This freedom Christ offers is more than spiritual. His love frees us from all the pain, deception, and falsity that holds us back and keeps us from living as the beautiful, chosen, and deeply loved women He created us to be.

Many of us know this on an intellectual level, but so often, find ourselves living in the gunk—fear, insecurity, emotional pain. But together, and by God’s grace, we can rise above. Wholly Loved exists to help you do just that. We’re here to help you live purposeful, joy-filled, intentional, victorious lives.

Join us.

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