Weekly Challenge 6-29-17

“Learning to discern God’s voice is a process that comes from drawing close to Him, saturating our minds with Scripture, and following with surrendered obedience. The more we respond obediently to God’s voice, the more sensitive our hearing becomes, and the more we disobey or disregard His leading, the more dulled.”
~Jennifer Slattery

We want to know God’s voice. We want to clearly know what He wants for us. A lot of us even know that the Bible is our primary source to discover what He wants and how to learn His voice. But the Bible can be hard to read and even more difficult to see how it applies to us. Frequently it can feel like an item on our To-do lists with all the frustration it can arouse. We either give up, because it is hard or obey, because it is the right thing to do, but don’t know how make it a beneficial part of our lives.

However, the Bible isn’t just about obedience and application, it is our opportunity to actively seek Him and learn more about who He is; to build a relationship with HIm. The more we learn about who He is, the more we will desire Him, hear His voice and want to live in surrendered obedience for Him.

What have you found to be effective in helping with “saturating our minds with Scripture?” What other areas have you maybe struggled to surrender and found it hard to hear God’s voice as a result?

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