Weekly Challenge | August 10, 2017

“If we want to have the mind of Christ, to discover His will, we need to immerse ourselves in His thoughts—His Word—daily. As we do, our thinking changes, and we begin to think like Him.”
~Jennifer Slattery

To know God! What a gift to truly know His will and desires. As Jennifer’s quote points out to truly know God, we have to know what He has to say. We get this from the Bible. As we get to know God, read His word, and spend that time with Him our hearts will be transformed. We will desire Him more and continue to find greater joy in His presence; our desires will begin to mirror His own.

“Also delight yourself in Yahweh, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 34:7

What do you find the most beneficial to help you read the Bible more? Are there things that still get in the way of spending time with Him? What ways have you seen your heart change as you’ve spent more time with God?

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