God Sees You

Everyone needs to feel loved. Noticed. Seen. Truly seen. In today’s post, our guest blogger Susan Aken discusses this need and how God meets us, wherever we are, whether experiencing deep pain or rejoicing, and envelops us in His love.

The God Who Sees Me

by Guest Blogger Susan Aken

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the one who sees me.’” Genesis 16:13 NIV

Hagar, a slave, had run away from her mistress, Sarai, because she was being mistreated. She was pregnant, alone in the desert, and probably felt that no one knew or cared what happened to her. Then she encountered the Lord God. He told her to go back and gave her a hopeful promise for her unborn son. Encouraged, she returned calling God, El Roi, the God who sees me. She needed to know someone saw her and understood her struggles.

She needed to know someone cared.

Don’t we all need that? We want to know we’re seen and cared for. Aren’t the most difficult struggles the ones that are unseen? The ones no one knows about. Why are we so quick to share on social media? Whether it’s about a meal we made or a sorrow in our heart?

We need connection. We need to know someone sees.

We need to know someone sees us as individuals and cares about what we think and feel.

But who can see us all the time? Who can know every joy, struggle, and hurt in our hearts? We don’t know how to express all that is in our souls. Who can really understand?

God can.

God is the one who knows every thought; He even knows how many hairs are on each head. (Luke 12:7) He knew each of us in our mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13) He knows all we experienced as a baby that we can’t remember. There’s nowhere we can go where He will not be. (Psalm 139:7-10)

Someone does see and cares. We’re never truly alone. God is the unseen hand always reaching. He’s the peace that passes understanding. He’s the voice that whispers to our hearts, “I love you”. Often He uses those around us to show his love but even if there’s no human being who understands, our Father understands. By faith we believe He exists and that He’s good.

There’s so much suffering in the world. A new disaster is announced almost every day. Even in the millions who all suffer at the same time, each one is known and seen by the Lord God. No one gets lost in the crowd. No one is forgotten.

He sees you. He knows you. You are not alone.

I can say, “I am seen.”

Let’s talk about this! Has God ever revealed Himself to you or granted you comfort and peace when you were hurting or in a tough place? When have you most needed to feel seen? Share your thoughts and examples in the comments below or join the discussion on our Facebook page. 

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