About the Conference

Conferences provide powerful opportunities for ministry leaders and attendees alike. At a conference you are removed from your daily routine and life’s distractions. This provides a concentrated dose of uninterrupted learning and a chance for deeper connections to the material presented. Conferences allow the opportunity to continue building a healthy community, while connecting and reaching out to those around you.

Wholly Loved currently offers two conferences. Both conferences are geared to point women back to their Creator and Savior, but each has a different emphasis. Explore what Conference is right for you.

Jennifer Slattery and Chaka Heinze at a recent conference

Wholly Loved

Because when we encounter the great I AM, our “I am” is changed

To help women embrace and live out who they are in Christ.

Jennifer Slattery speaks at a recent conference

Bold & Brave

Throwing off the shackles of fear to live in freedom

To help women break free from fear to live in freedom and embrace gloriously, divinely orchestrated risks for Christ.